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Computer is a device which accepts data, processes it, releases output and stores the result as required by the user.
Many people today went to market to buy a computer system without thinking of some certain things and at the end, they will end up buying fake and inferior systems which may not deliver the type of services they needed. Computer is versatile which means that it fits in in all aspects of life.
You must be aware that there are a lot fake systems out there in the market and every computer vendor is out to make sales and will go any length to get you in. Most times people consider things like “is it HP? is it DELL? is it ACER?” all these are good manufacturers but name doesn’t really matter to some extent. Continue reading we shall discuss the issue of manufacturers later in this post.
This post is to help you choose what you actually want out of the millions presented to you.
Here 10 important things to consider before buying a computer.

1. WHY DO YOU NEED A COMPUTER: There is always a different between a NEED and a WANT. Your ability to know why you need a computer will actually help you choose better and save costs. Someone who needs computer for graphics designs will not think of using the same system a DJ uses. Because graphics designer needs a system with high graphics card while a DJ needs a system with a good sound card. Again, the job you want to do with the system will determine the system’s speed you will go for. So before considering other steps listed below, first know your reasons for buying a computer.

2. PROCESSOR: Computer processor is the brain and heart of the computer. Processor comes in different speeds. The type of processor your system has will determines how much work you can do with at any given time. Most times, people consider the Random Access Memory of a computer (RAM) as the most important feature that determines the speed of a system, though it contributes, but it is not the main feature, we shall see the need for RAM later in this post.
HERE are list of computer processors and their speed: LIST OF MICRO PROCESSORS AND SPEED
Assuredly, Systems with the following processors are definitely good. they are arranged in their increasing order of performances:

  • Pentuim IV
  • Intel Celeron
  • Duo core/ Core 2 processors
  • Core i3
  • Core i5
  • Core i7

Mind you, as the speed increases so is the price.

3. MAIN MEMORY/PRIMARY MEMORY (RAM): Image result for picture of a ram computerRAM stands for Random Access Memory.
It is the main memory of the system. RAM is not a storage device but it is a memory that holds data temporally in the system. I will say that RAM is a working space, just like a workshop where applications and files are kept for processing. RAM loses its content once there system is shut down.
WHY IS RAM CONSIDERED? When buy a system, one should consider RAM because when you dont have enough space in your memory, your applications will be struggling with the little space they have and that will slow down the speed of the system. So you need enough Space which will depend on what you need the system for. RAM ranges from 256mb to 8GB. A system with at least 2GB of RAM can serve well to some extent.


Hdd, Hard Disk Drive, Disk, Hard DiskToshiba 500 GB 2.5" Inch Laptop SATA Internal Hard Disk Drive
Your hard disk is next thing to put into consideration. Lets understand what a hard disk is. Hard disk or hard drive is the permanent mass storage device in the computer. The hard disk stores your files and applications for future purposes. Why should put the size of hard disk into consideration is because hard disk provides enough space for you and allows you to install as many applications as you need. It also stores your files. If you are thinking of a system for video editing, then you need a system with large storage even though you still have other options like backup and cloud storage. Computer hard disk comes different sizes, ranging from 19GB to more than 1TB (1000gb).

5. OPERATING SYSTEM. Operating system is a system software that controls all other software components and also drives the hardware. Having known what an operating system is, it is good that you know the version of operating system varies and the version you have in your system will determine the type of application software you can install. Though this feature can easily be removed but you need to know that why you buy the follow come operating system is for authenticity.
Examples of operating systems that one can use on a PC are windowsXP, windows 7, windows 8, windows 8.1 and windows 10.

6. GRAPHICS: Now all computers come with some form of graphics built in. But my recommendation is to go with something a little better possibly from NVIDIA or AMD. They make your computer resolution better. AMD cards are good for mining while NVidia is good for Adobe programs.

7.  INTERNET CONNECTIVITY: Finally the internet, get a good internet provider broadband at least. No computer is complete without a good internet. So make sure that the system can connect to the internet. You can on your mobile hotspot and check whether the system can detect the hotspot and connect successfully.

8. SYSTEM MANUFACTURER: Having considered all the features above, the next thing to check is the system manufacturer. Why I want to write about this is not to recommend some products or advertise for manufacturers. But why buying anything, is good that one goes for the guaranteed, another reason is because, products that have names can easily be fixed when they have problems. Assuming that you bought a system and the charger damaged, if that product is scarce in the market, it will be difficult to get charger and you know you cant be using a laptop without charging. So I advice that you go for systems that their accessories can easily be gotten from a vendor.

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