How To Start Mini Importation Business today.

Start Mini Importation business today.

Another gold mining business today in Nigeria is the mini importation business. A lot of people have been thinking of a business they can start with low capital without having considered this oil-well called mini importation. In this article, you are going to learn how to do mini importation in a very simple way, just relax and read through.

Mini importation business doesn’t require a huge capital to start, with 10,000 naira, you can become and importer and at the same time began to make millions within a short while.

Listen! It is stress free, you can still be doing other things while doing this mini importation. The most important thing for to do is to know the products that are selling well in the market. Some of these products are (Reflective Jogger Pant, bamboo charcoal refrigerator odor suction, Car Mini Fresh Propeller, Magic Cleaner, natural grey hair remover, Sport Earphones, Mini Pen Camera)

You don’t need so much skills to start this business all you need to do is to have the following. Don’t panic, they are very easy to get.

  • A mobile phone or personal computer (for online communication)
  • A valid email address.
  • Valid and traceable home address where you can receive the item you will order.
  • Some few cash to get started (as little as 10,000 and no limitation)
  • Get a PayPal account to buy your products (not in all cases though)
  • Open a US bank account with Payoneer (It’s absolutely free)

The interesting part in this business is that over 80% of your work in this business, can be done with your mobile phone or computer. This means that you can be doing it at your leisure time while sipping your soft drink or any of your brand.

Meaning of Mini Importation.

First thing is to understand what importation is all about. Importation simply means getting goods from overseas and sell them here in Nigeria. Why do we call it mini-importation? It is because you can start with ordinary 10,000 naira and make over 50,000 in less than a month.

Now let move further into the main biz. Just cool down and concentrate.

We are going to explore some points that help you become a millionaire in few months, are you ready?

These are the things you need to put into consideration, which am going to provide solution to some that seems difficult.

  1. Source for Products
  2. Buy from a reliable supplier
  3. Pay for your products
  4. Product delivery
  5. Finally, market your Products
  6. Sell your Products and make money.

The Product Source

In this business business, the most important is how to find your product, it is very simple. Bear it in mind that you are importing from oversea so most of the manufacturers are China-based. This is China is the number one source for hot and fast selling products around the world. In the like manner, most people usually thought any products from China are always inferior. Seriously, that’s very far from the truth.

Please look around you I’ll bet 80% of the product around you are produced and coupled in China. Your flat screen, phones, generator, and freezers even the popular Apple products are all coupled in China.

So now how can you find your product?

Well, I have few popular China-based site I can recommend for you.

You can click on any of the links below to

Once you log in to the site, just create an account with them, very simple. The same way you created your facebook account. When you are through with that, then you are good to go. The next thing is to browse around the site, think of some products you can sell in Nigeria. 

  • How to buy from a reliable Seller.

Due to high rate of inferior products, you need to be careful here so that you will learn how to buy from a reliable seller, someone who will not give you inferior goods.

How are you going to do that? Before you buy from any seller, please try and check the seller’s feedback and rating. Some of the people he must have supplied products to must have said one or two things about him. So check the feedback and rating.

The ratings are usually between 0 – 100% and 0 – 5star reviews. I’ll recommend you always go for 90% and above rating and at least 4star reviews.

In addition, make sure you always go through the product description. Check the delivery methods free shipping are always good if you’re willing to wait.

Also, check the sellers guarantee on the products before you ship them. All this are usually at the bottom of every product page.

  • Payment Method.

There are several channels through which you can pay for your products, but they differ with suppliers. Some suppliers allow Mastercard or Visa card payment, some PayPal or Alipay. The point is payment for goods are now easier and this shouldn’t be a barrier to you.

Afraid Fraud or Getting Scammed

You might be afraid of not receiving the product after payment or receiving a different quality. Don’t be afraid, these websites have some measures in protecting their customers. You can call it “buyer’s protection” or also known as “Escrow”.

The Escrow or buyer’s protection is a measurement put in place by the websites to protect both buyers and sellers. This is how it works. Once you’ve purchased the products you want to ship, instead of paying straight to the sellers’ account, the websites withhold the money.

The money will then be released once you receive and confirmed the product to be what you order.

In rare cases when your product happens to be different from what you order there is “Dispute form” that you can fill, and your money will be reimbursed.

But nevertheless, you still need to be careful and smart, even in our local business market, people are being scammed, so be careful even though your interest is protected, still be smart.

  • Product Delivery 

Product delivery usually comes in two ways. This includes:

  • Free Shipping – usually slow but increase profits (between 14 to 60days) but most time it’s usually delivered between 20 to 30days. The service company can be China Mail Air Post or Hong Kong Mail services.
  • Premium delivery – these deliveries are usually done by DHL, EMS, and FedEx. Although it might be expensive compared to free shipping but its always faster and safer. (between 3 – 5days)

While the free shipping may be free you should know tracking it might not be entirely accurate compared to the premium shipping.

In addition, while using the free shipping method you should always endeavor to put your phone number. This is because they are always delivered at the nearest post-office close to you. With this, you can be easily contacted whenever your shipment has arrived.

  • Marketing your product

Marketing your product is not a big deal, social has made advertising to be easier. You can advertise your products through the following ways:

  • Brick and mortar retail
  • Word of mouth
  • Referrals
  • Handbills or flyers publicity
  • Local Ads. e.g. Magazine, newspaper
  • Internet marketing etc.

The easiest  is Facebook marketing. Facebook is a full marketplace that can never be exhausted.

One of the best ways to make most of your marketing is to create a squeeze landing page for your ads. What I mean by this is collecting their email addresses because some might be interested but not having money when they see your ads.

Collecting their emails will serve as a means of reminding them of your products. You can use GetResponse for this purpose, its free to start with.

  • Sell Your Products

Finally, once you are done with the marketing, obviously potentials buyers are going to start rushing your way if you’ve done a good job.

Finally, you should have it at the back of your mind that every business has its own ups and down. One of ten of every order might be returns from your customer but that shouldn’t discourage you. The profit margin will definitely cover up.

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